Scrap Guidelines*

*Important: Click here to review our acceptable materials guidelines.


Non-Ferrous Commodity Description Usage
Aluminum Cans No rusty cans Beverage or food cans
Light Irony
Aluminum with steel components (screws, bolts hinges). Remove all non metal components (plastic, wood, & glass)
Remove all non-aluminum components (iron, plastic, wood, & glass) Sheet
No steel components Siding
Aluminum Extrusion No steel components Window frames, decorative fencing
Aluminum Radiators - Clean All plastic, iron, & steel removed
Aluminum Radiators - Dirty Plastic, iron, & steel NOT removed
Aluminum Wire without insulation Plastic coating removed Electric current wire
Aluminum Wire with insulation Plastic coating NOT removed Electric current wire
Cast Aluminum
No Iron or other contaminants Transmission case/ Engine parts
Cast Aluminum
Contains iron & aluminum Lawn mower engine
Aluminum Foil No food or other contaminants Pie plates, baking containers, sheet
Radiators - Clean
Remove Galvanized strip on the ends A/C units
Radiators - Dirty
Galvanized strip on the ends
# 1 Copper Each strand of wire is BIGGER than a #2 Pencil lead and has no contaminants (solder joints, fittings, insulation) Stripped wire & tubing
# 2 Copper Each strand of wire is SMALLER than a #2 pencil lead. Copper piping may have solder joints & fittings - no insulation Piping & stripped wire
Insulated Copper Each strand can be any size and has insulation Wiring
Sheet Copper Copper with brass fittings Roofing material & gutters
Brass - Clean Remove all non-brass components (plastic, wood, glass) Plumbing fixtures & piping
Brass - Dirty Contains plastic, rubber tubing, or iron Faucet fixtures
Brass Auto Radiators - Clean Steel Strip along the side was removed Car parts
Brass Auto Radiators - Dirty Steel Strip along the side NOT removed Car parts
Stainless Steel
Stainless - Clean Remove all non-stainless components (plastic, wood, glass, & iron)
Stainless - Dirty Non-stainless components NOT removed
Lead - Clean No contaminants Sheet, plumbing, or cable lead
Lead Wheel Weights


Ferrous Commodity Description Usage
#1 Steel Prepared 1/4" thick or more and cut into 2'x5' or 2'x3' lengths I-Beams, Trailer Frames
#1 Steel Unprepared 1/4" thick or more and NOT cut into prepared lengths
#2 Steel Prepared 1/8" to 1/4" thick and cut into 2'x5' or 2'x3' lengths Steel Auto rims
#2 Steel Unprepared 1/8" to 1/4" thick and NOT cut into prepared lengths
Mixed #1 & #2 Steel Combination of #1 & #2
Tin Less than 1/8" thick & any length Lawn mower (plastic removed), roofing, siding
Electric Motors Purchased as is Alternator, fan motor, any motor ran by electricity
Cast Iron Lead joints need to be removed piping
Appliances Refrigerator & A/C units properly remove compressor and all fluids (NO MICROWAVES) Stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator
Auto Motors Remove oil pan & all fluids
Automobiles Drain all fluids, remove battery, gas tank, & mercury switches. Campers: remove all non metal components Vehicles registered in Florida MUST HAVE VALID TITLE ** Call regarding other states
Gas Tanks Cut in 1/2 & triple rinsed Auto, lawn mower, any tank that held flammable liquids or gases
Shocks & Cylinders Cut in 1/2 & triple rinsed Shocks, hydraulic cylinders